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Elizabeth H. Morgan, Ph.D.

Transformative mothering for empowered advocacy and change

Welcome to the online home of Dr. Elizabeth Holliday Morgan! We're excited to have you here!


Dr. Morgan, a passionate educator, researcher, and advocate for disability rights and inclusion, is committed to empowering BIPOC mothers and ensuring equitable access to services for their children. Her dedication began during her tenure as a K-12 teacher and administrator. Her journey continued as she delved into research and scholarship at the UC Davis MIND Institute and California State University Sacramento, refining her skills in supporting underserved communities.


Dr. Morgan's focus extends to the African continent, where she has undertaken significant work in Ghana, Kenya, and Morocco. Recently, she completed a global public health fellowship in Nairobi, solidifying her commitment to social justice.


As a professor, Dr. Morgan strives to amplify marginalized voices through impactful community-based applied research projects and to prepare the next generation of educational leaders and disability rights advocates. This website offers a glimpse into her work, showcasing research projects, publications, teaching/speaking engagements, and leadership. Beyond academia, Dr. Morgan believes in sharing her knowledge. If you're interested in booking her for a speaking or training engagement, there's a tab available for that too.


Thank you for visiting! Dr. Morgan welcomes you to reach out to get involved or share your own inspiring story. She strongly believes that when mothers advocate, their collective voices ignite a powerful force for change.

About Me

"The moment we choose to love, we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love, we begin to move toward freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others."

Bell Hooks

Welcome Note from Dr. Morgan

My academic work is dedicated to amplifying diverse voices with evidence-based resources and networks of support.  Through rigorous research, teaching, and uplifting marginalized populations, I believe we can cultivate a more equitable society that celebrates the full spectrum of human experience.

I call on fellow scholars and advocates to champion inclusion, model courageous activism, demand justice, and pave the way for future generations. When we unite behind shared values and compassionate service, our collective potential is unlimited.

I invite you to join me in this continued effort. Together, with open minds and steadfast hearts, we can build a better future.


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