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Who is Elizabeth H. Morgan?

My work is guided by four pillars—research, teaching, service, and leadership—that empower me to create transformative change.


As a scholar, I conduct rigorous research to advance knowledge and give voice to overlooked narratives. My studies shed light on inequities facing marginalized communities and informing policies that can lead to greater justice.

As an educator, I prepare future leaders to think critically about inequality and compassionately serve their communities. My students gain the knowledge and skills to be agents of change.

As an advocate, I leverage my expertise to stand up for those pushed to the margins. I amplify unheard voices and advocate for policies that promote equity and inclusion.

As a leader, I model integrity, accountability, and bravery. I have the courage to speak difficult truths and lead collectively for change.

These four pillars are distinct yet interdependent. Together, they empower me to manifest positive change and work toward a more just and equitable world. My research informs my teaching and advocacy, while my leadership binds these efforts together. I invite you to explore how my pillars for transformative change unite to build more inclusive and compassionate communities.

Pillars for Transformative Change

Research & Scholarship

Driving change through rigorous,

relevant research

Teaching & Mentorship

Guiding future changemakers


Leading with courage, compassion,

and conviction

Service, Advocacy &
Community Engagement

Sparking action through service
and courageous advocacy

My Approach
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