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Driving change through rigorous, relevant research

Dr. Elizabeth Holliday Morgan's steadfast commitment to service and advocacy serves as the backbone of her teaching and research philosophy, rooted deeply in her ethos as an educator. Her belief in transformative leadership, where social justice and people remain at the forefront of her decisions, traces back to her foundational involvement in launching a K-8 charter school in Sacramento, CA. Her journey of service has evolved and continues today in her role as the Director for the 2nd ranked EDD program on the West Coast.


Within the Doctorate in Educational Leadership (EDD) program, Dr. Morgan's service spans across vital areas, contributing significantly to its enrichment. Her commitment extends beyond this role, actively participating in key program committees such as Admissions, the Anti-Racist Educational Leadership Committee, and the Qualifying Exam Review Committee. This involvement keeps her attuned to the program's evolving priorities and needs, ensuring a responsive and student-centric approach.


Recognized for her leadership abilities, Dr. Morgan was appointed as the Interim EDD Director, marking a significant milestone as the first Black woman in this esteemed position. This role granted her invaluable administrative experiences and responsibilities, including leading a successful national search committee.


Moreover, her dedication to service transcends program boundaries. Representing the institution as a speaker during the Sacramento Kings' MLK Day at the Golden One Center, she highlighted her research and commitment to the Sacramento community, affirming the program's dedication to social justice and community engagement. These collective experiences underscore Dr. Morgan's multifaceted and profound commitment to social justice for BIPOC disabled people and their families, showcasing her unwavering dedication to service and advocacy.

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