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Dr. Elizabeth Holliday Morgan's dedication to autism applied research has placed her on prominent platforms, recognized nationally and internationally. Invited as a keynote speaker at major conferences, she addresses vital issues surrounding culturally sensitive care for BIPOC autistic children and families. Notably, being chosen as a Future Research Leader by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and participating in the Diversify Autism Research Workforce Conference in Washington D.C. signifies the depth of her commitment to advancing autism research.


Her impactful contributions transcend conferences, extending to presentations at state and national health equity conferences. Noteworthy engagements include presentations on implicit bias in family-centered care for BIPOC populations and discussions on disability and health disparities research at prestigious events like the California Northstate University Joint Conference and the NIH's Ableism in Medicine conference, respectively.


With an impressive portfolio of peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Morgan's research, particularly focusing on the experiences of Black families with autistic children, stands poised to create lasting change. Her work not only solidifies her leadership in understanding clinician bias and Black child health outcomes but also establishes her as a notable academic presence globally.


In academia, she has left a significant mark through impactful publications in renowned peer-reviewed journals. Her work in the esteemed Pediatrics journal, focusing on the intersection of race and disability in autism research among Black individuals, gained substantial attention, leading to international keynote invitations and accolades.


Moreover, Dr. Morgan's collaborative efforts in research are evident in publications such as "Paths to Equity," involving colleagues and community partners, amplifying the voices of Black mothers advocating for autistic children. Her innovative research was even featured in a prestigious podcast series, illustrating her commitment to disseminating research beyond academic circles.


Her commitment extends to mentoring scholars, demonstrated by co-authoring a book chapter with a mentee, highlighting her dedication to nurturing emerging talent. Dr. Morgan's multifaceted contributions underscore her unwavering commitment to autism research and her mission to effect positive change within the BIPOC autistic community.

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